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I try to apply a wpad.dat rules with "network proxy" configuration tools.

System:preference:Network Proxy
Automatic proxy configuration URL: http://www.server.domain/wpad.dat

The rules works for firefox, but not for konqueror or opera web browser.

I search to know which kind of application is impacted by the "Network Proxy" configuration ?

How can I apply the wpad.dat rules to the entire computer and for all users ?


Linux proxy settings are mostly application specific. That means you will need to tell your CLI and GUI applications about your proxy settings separately. The Gnome desktop provides proxy configuration settings and a lot of GUI applications will use this setting. But some applications may not pick up the system wide proxy settings, so you have to configure each program you use eg: firefox.

For cli applications you have to define Proxy Environment Variables for proxy setting. eg: http_proxy or https_proxy. So there is no common way to force proxy settings for all(CLI/GUI) applications.

Depending on whether your proxy settings require an authentication component, you can do a sledgehammer fix by using iptables to do a transparent redirect.

With the http://www.server.domain/wpad.dat config, I have to authentify.
But I don't think it's a proxy authntication, but a Bluecoat software autentication.

Is there a way to set iptables whith "http://www.server.domain/wpad.dat" file.