How to integrate OTP authentication using JBOSS EAP and RHEL SSO

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I have a pure JavaEE application (EAR with EJB Jars and Web Archive)
The WAR according Java EE security defines the j_security_check action for login forms (FORM Based Authentication)

In this way based on JBOSS feature, I 'm able to configure the best Identity Manager (from the simple users/roles property files to the LDAP etc)

I would like to integrate OTP to increase security and implements a 2FA

So, I would like to use the Red Hat SSO (based on the keycloak ) to archive this goal

Ideally, should be done without changing the WAR and I see for example it is possible to do installing JBOSS EAP Adapters and adding a new subsystem into the jboss cfg file.

But there is a guide from RedHat or other available ?

I'm able to integrate in my form based login screen additional "field" (to ask the OTP to the user): maybe it must match a fixed name (e.g. j_opt )
Form must continue to follow standard and so invoke the j_security_check