You must specify an organization for new units

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I've been doing testing on a Red Hat Developer subscription. I'm trying to set up RHEL 8 and all the sudden:

1) Registration during installation is a hard requirement
2) When I try to register I get "You must specify an organization for new units"

There is no further explanation and there is no block for organization. Anyone else run into this?


I hit this same problem yesterday while installing RHEL 8.2. This is funny because I did some RHEL 8.2 installs a couple weeks ago without this issue. Any idea how to get past it?

Hello Grant and Joe, This issue is faced if the registration is done using a user account that belongs to multiple organizations. Please refer to the known issue 'Registration fails for user accounts that belong to multiple organizations' in the release notes:

solution is very poor

RH Customer Support chat referred met to RH Customer Service. RH Customer Service referred me back to RH Customer Support. Neither were able to tell me why my account has multiple organizations, what these organizations are, or how to get just one.

As a work-around, I have found that about 10% of the time, the install GUI will not force registration as a hard requirement. I have made a iso from a rear backup of a working install then registered it with RH on the first boot. It is not a very elegant solution, but the best I have right now.