You must specify an organization for new units

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I've been doing testing on a Red Hat Developer subscription. I'm trying to set up RHEL 8 and all the sudden:

1) Registration during installation is a hard requirement
2) When I try to register I get "You must specify an organization for new units"

There is no further explanation and there is no block for organization. Anyone else run into this?


I hit this same problem yesterday while installing RHEL 8.2. This is funny because I did some RHEL 8.2 installs a couple weeks ago without this issue. Any idea how to get past it?

Hello Grant and Joe, This issue is faced if the registration is done using a user account that belongs to multiple organizations. Please refer to the known issue 'Registration fails for user accounts that belong to multiple organizations' in the release notes:

solution is very poor

RH Customer Support chat referred met to RH Customer Service. RH Customer Service referred me back to RH Customer Support. Neither were able to tell me why my account has multiple organizations, what these organizations are, or how to get just one.

As a work-around, I have found that about 10% of the time, the RHEL 8.2 install GUI will not force registration as a hard requirement. I have made a iso from a rear backup of a working install then registered it with RH on the first boot. It is not a very elegant solution, but the best I have right now.

This is a piss poor way to introduce people to Redhat. Inconsistencies in YOUR database that STOP people from installing the software? Talk about "cutting off your nose to spite your face" The above link to the "solution" is a 404 now.

Same problem here, unable to solve

Anthonius it looks like everything synced up on the backend, and I was able to use my username password here to "register" .

One possible workaround for this is to use organization id + activation key instead of the "normal" username & password authentication.

If that's not possible in your case (IIRC it is not always possible to obtain an activation key easily) the best bet is to just skip registration at installation time - install from the DVD (that has all the repos on media, so no install time registration is needed to access them) and then register after the installation. The post-installation tools should AFAIK handle the multi-organisation accounts correctly already.

Unable to get around this, I am going to suggest to the customer to not use RHEL and explore other options due to installation issue that even the tech support people refuse to fix.

Red Hat is working to fix this, there is an open bug against this behavior:

From the release notes, the suggested work arounds are as follow: To work around this problem, you can either:

  • Use a different user account that does not belong to multiple organizations.
  • Use the Activation Key authentication method available in the Connect to Red Hat feature for GUI and Kickstart installations.
  • Skip the registration step in Connect to Red Hat and use Subscription Manager to register your system post-installation.

Hi Marc,

Thanks for the update.


Jan Gerrit

It appears that the registration step is now mandatory in Anaconda - install will not begin without it. :(

It's now April 2021 and this issue is still not resolved.

First time installing RedHat for a school project, but man is my first experience horrible, multiple internal server errors while trying to register, needed to click the activation link in my email 3 (three!) times before it actually let me download the ISO. Now im installing it and i can't continue the installation without linking my redhat account, and I get this error while trying to log in.

Same problem here, terrible first impression. Better to stick with Debian

very frustrating, i cant believe this problem exists and is preventing me from installing RHEL for FIRST TIME! my account does NOT belong to multiple organizations!

This issue only affects the Minimum install iso - if you download the full-fat (9GB) iso you can install without registering first. HTH

do u mean this file "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3 Binary DVD"? i tried the 7.9 version but now i am stuck with specifying the source files, seems like these files are not included in the "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.9 Boot ISO" ? so 600 MB just for booting?!

Yes the very "comprehensive" 8.82Gb binary dvd - will allow you to install first, and then register using the standard tools, which have more options. It's a lot to download if you just want to do a minimal install, but should work around this issue.

I have the solution, you need to register again but following the intructions to download the iso, i kwon that it don't make sense, but if you do it it will work. Go to *** *** and click on TRY IT and don't digit the email of the last registration, click on create a account and finish it. Use the new profile and be HAPPY.

Same error, incredibly frustrating.

I ran into this same error the other day while attempting to setup a new lab machine. It is indeed quite frustrating.

Here is a simple way to avoid it though.

If you download just the RHEL 8 Boot ISO, it requires that you register with the customer portal in order to download and install RHEL. Because the boot ISO contains only enough data to get the installation rolling, it depends on your subscription and customer portal login to actually install the OS.

However, if you download the full binary DVD (which admittedly is quite the commitment at over 8GB) and write that to a sufficiently sized USB stick, you can install the entire OS locally, without any need to register or download content from the portal. You will still have the option to register during installation, but it is not required.

I hope this helps!

Nate that actually didn't work for me. I have the full (9gb) DVD iso, and am still prompted to connect to RHN before it lets me install anything.

RedHat support said that the "You must specify an organization for new units" error is due to my account not having Manage Subscription privileges. That didn't sound right to me since I have multiple RHEL installations that I am able to apply updates to using my RHN account details.

Will follow up as I learn more.

Still not fixed !? REALLY ?

I've tried again since last week and the issue is still here as far as I can see :(

8.4 Boot ISO did the trick.

A couple of observations from testing a locally-built RHEL 8.4 boot.iso in a VM with the network disconnected (availability of air-gapped installation is imperative in every environment I've worked):

  1. Interactive GUI installation would not proceed without registration.
  2. Automated kickstart installation in text mode completed with no prompts for registration.

In both cases, a full package repository was available on a local disk. For kickstart, the following arguments were added to the command line.

net.ifnames=0 inst.geoloc=0 inst.extlinux inst.ks=hd:LABEL=OEMDRV:/r8-test.cfg

This was corrected in the RHEL 8.4 release in May 2021.

I downloaded the 8.4 Binary DVD today, the issue still exists.

I was experiencing the issue with 8.2 and 8.3 but was able to verify that it did not occur in 8.4. If you're still experiencing the issue on RHEL 8.4, please respond to If you can't access Red Hat's bugzilla to leave a comment on the bug, please open a support ticket and reference this bug.

Was able to solve this. Don't know if it solves this to other people, but I pulled the login ID from (thought it was my email address for some reason) and left the Organization field blank.