How to configure JMS to use the Artemis CORE protocol

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Hi All,

We have been engaged with RedHat consulting services around our Application that has been migrated to EAP 7.2 from 6.4. That team suggested we open a ticket for configuring EAP 7.2 JMS resources to use the Artemis MQ CORE protocol.

Background: The RedHat EAP Server Migration tool has migrated our standalone.xml to continue to use the 6.4 configured JMS resources using the HornetQ broker. What we have been told is that for optimal performance we should be configuring the JMS resources to utilize the Artemis MQ broker that uses the CORE protocol, in place of the HornetQ broker configuration.

We need information on how to configure standalone-full.xml to leverage the Artemis MQ core protocol via JMS.

Attached for your reference is a link to an article sent to us on how to configure a standalone Java app to use JMS resources configured for Artemis MQ CORE protocol.

We are looking for the equivalent configuration for our App using JMS resources in EAP 7.2