Error in deploying the fuse project as a bundle

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Below are the steps followed for deploying the project.

1) packaged project as a bundle using maven-bundle-plugin.
2) Created features.xml file using features-maven-plugin for deploying the application and its dependencies
3) imported features.xml file using features:addurl from jboss karaf console
4) installed first all the depencies using features:install command
5) installed main project after completing step 4

Following is the error message coming in in the fuse log:

org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanDefinitionStoreException: Unrecognized xbean namespace mapping:

Camel-context entry for configuring broker.

xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:camel=""
xmlns:cxf="" xmlns:http-conf=""
xmlns:security="" xmlns:cxf-core=""
xsi:schemaLocation=" ">