New RHEV Host certificate issue

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Adding a new RHEV 4.3 host into a 3.6 compatible RHEV-Manager, new cluster.

Fresh install of REV-H.
Setup networking.
registered in subscription-manager
yum -y update

(is there any other configuration needed? Do i need to set the vdsm.conf to allow SSL ?)

Added as host in web portal.

Error: Install failed.
Failed to enroll certificate for host tnwx-virt07 (User: admin@internal).

Not sure where it is getting the username.

On the HostedEngine engine.log >

ERROR [org.ovirt.engine.core.dal.dbbroker.auditloghandling.AuditLogDirector] (pool-5-thread-7) [14486a8c] Correlation ID: 14486a8c, Call Stack: null, Custom Event ID: -1, Message: Failed to enroll certificate for host tnwx-virt07 (User: admin@internal).

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


Hi Dan,

Are you aware that the RHEV manager 3.6 is end of life? So you may not get support for this issue.

I have not use RHV/RHEV for a very long time, but I guess the version difference 3/4 might be the cause.

The admin@internal user is a build-in administrative user, like root on Linux.

Advise: Open a support case

IHMO try to keep RH(E)V managers and host on the same version. So if you cannot use RHEV 3.6 anymore migrate your cluster to RHV 4.x (currently 4.3), before adding new hosts.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra

I am trying to accommodate a minimal downtime requirement.

How are you proposing the upgrade?

2 clusters one 3.5 compatibility with 2 hosts. 1 cluster is 3.6 compatbility with 1 host.

Adding another host, several more next month.

Attach a RHEV-H that is 3.6, power off and move VMs over to it. Upgrade the first 3.5 host to 4.0?
Will that original Host be able to attach back to the RHEVM environment?