ovirt-provider-ovn syncrhonisation

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Hi - during the last reboot all my ovn networks appeared in oVirt but weren't reflected on the physical host, no VMs would boot that had an OVN network attached.

I was looking at my logs and I can see the following -

  • Failed to synchronize networks of Provider ovirt-provider-ovn.

  • Networks of Provider ovirt-provider-ovn were successfully synchronized.

There was an issue with this host/engine where they lost connection which explains the Failed to Sync. The problem is it's since all been rebooted and it doesn't look like the ovirt-provider-ovn has tried to sync since, as I understand it, it should sync every 5 minutes?

Is it just a case that successful syncs aren't always report in the events log? I've check my timing properties for sync of external providers and all seems correct. So now I'm worried another reboot will result in losing all the ovn networks I've created through oVirt again!