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Question about updates.


Server A: Built many years ago from a RHEL7.6 "gold image".
Then I run "yum update" each month until today.
Today Server A is running RHEL7.8.

Server B: Today I build a brand new RHEL7.6 from same "gold image".

I would like Server B to match Server A.

My Question: To make Server B the same as the Server A running RHEL7.8 do I need to install every old package in the same order as Server A OR can I just do a "yum update" and get the same result?

Today we keep every package we update and apply every package in order to get to the most current version on a new server build.



You should be fine with just running 'yum update,' so long as Server A has been updated in the last 24 hours or so.