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Does RHEL 8 have php 7.4 repositories?


Hi Daniel,

Currently RHEL 8 provides php 7.3.5 as the latest module and this module is available from the AppStream repository. :)


Christian, Do you know if Redhat will offer PHP 7.4.x soon? Thanks NN

Hi Naren,

PHP 7.4 is available from the rhel-8-for-x86_64-appstream-beta-rpms repository.
And this means that it most certainly will be available once RHEL 8.3 reaches GA. :)


Christian, Thanks for the updates! NN

You're welcome, Naren ! :)

thanks dear Cristian for the prompt reply

You're welcome, Daniel ! :)

php 7.4 is available in RHEL 8.3 without any beta repository. For me I had to upgrade everything to 8.3 and then switch php stream to 7.4

dnf upgrade

dnf module reset php

dnf module install php:7.4

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for confirming what I said earlier "And this means that it most certainly will be available once RHEL 8.3
reaches GA". And because RHEL 8.3 went GA, no additional beta repositories have to be enabled of course. :)


Hmm, why is PHP 7.4 not installed immediately by default. using the "dnf install php" command? I ask this for the sake of caution, i.e. this method of installing version 7.4. is it official?

Hi Andrey,

Yes, what Dmitry provided above is the officially supported way to install the PHP 7.4 module. :)


Excellent Dmitry =)

we need php 8.0 rpm to install on RHEL 7.9. could you please help on this

I found this link below saying PHP 7.4 will not be added RHEL 7, however, it was added to RHEL 8. So I doubt you'll have PHP 8 on RHEL 7...

Is PHP 7.4 available in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7?

I didn't want to do this, but the Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL) has PHP 7.4 Follow this article and change 7.3 to 7.4 (you can also yum search php before install to see if this is what you want.):

More Package details

container image ubi8/php-7.4 ( and rhel8/php-7.4 ( ) do not have php-pecl-zip, even the upstream have merged the PR ( 1 month ago.

When will we have the php-pecl-zip? it is essential for us to run wordpress.