Problem with EAR deploying

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Hi to all,
I have a problem with deploying my EAR, the EAR structure is like this:
- My.ear
| - xml (directory with some of .xml configuration file)
| - My.war (reads the xml directory to configure itself, file inside .war try to read .xml with relative path "..\xml\")

when I deploy, the xml folder is not considered, how can i solve that?
Is it possible to make sure that during deployment the "xml" folder is created at the same level as the .war?
For example:
if i try to read this file "C:\EAP-7.2.0\standalone\tmp\vfs\deployment\deploymentfc9b9f3feac9bd94\My.war-ddbaa5706da60106/../xml/appl_config.xml"
I would like the "C:\EAP-7.2.0\standalone\tmp\vfs\deployment\deploymentfc9b9f3feac9bd94\xml\appl_config.xml" folder to be created during the deployment phase before starting the application

I try to migrate from websphere 5/7 to EAP 7.2

Thank you all