Need to load scsi_dh_alua module during boot on a RHEV hypervisor 6.4

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I am running a RHEV Hypervisor 6.4. I have alua capable LUN and non-alua LUN mapped from different targets to this host. By default hardware handler is set to “0” in multipath conf file. so to handle alua enabled LUN, I manually loaded scsi-dh-alua module, so multipath has taken hardware handler to alua for the alua capable devices.

now I want it to be persist across the reboot. since RHEV Hypervisor is an appliance, I couldn’t add the module in kernel command line as "rdloaddriver=scsi_dh_alua" . this works well with RHEL6.4.

so is there an option to add a kernel command line parameter in RHEV?