Boot sequence when starting VMs after a general reboot

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Dear all:

I need to configure RHVM so as to follow a defined order or sequence when starting the VMs after a general reboot.

For example I would like to start the database before the web frontend.

I have searched in the documentation but not been able to find any solution.

Does anybody have any idea on how to configure this?


I am not aware of configuration options to achieve this. You could write a script using the RHV SDK ( to start your VM's in a specific order. Make the script more general to shutdown your VM's in the reverse start order to bring your environment down.

Why do you shutdown/start your VM's on a general reboot? When you restart the hosted engine, all VM's and hypervisors remain working. You cannot create, start, stop or remove a VM. Once you have restarted the hosted engine, you can put your hypervisors in maintenance one by one and reboot once its VM's have been migrated to other hypervisors. Obviously this requires multiple hypervisors.

Why is it so important to understand the boot sequence of a computer if you are in the digital forensics field?