Satellite installation instructions missing rhel-7-server-satellite-tools-6.x-rpms repos

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Also, katello-agent isn't setup by the current instructions, and looks like it's necessary due to


Hi Kirill Kashtanov,

Just curious, which version of Satellite are you using for your installation? You mentioned current instructions. Were you using one of the documents at this link

Also, when I installed satellite over the weekend, I used these instructions which gave this tidbit for repositories which worked for me:

subscription-manager repos --enable=rhel-7-server-rpms --enable=rhel-server-rhscl-7-rpms --enable=rhel-7-server-satellite-6.5-rpms --enable=rhel-7-server-satellite-maintenance-6-rpms --enable=rhel-7-server-ansible-2.6-rpms

Now the instructions above are for a connected (directly to Red Hat) server. For me, this was the cleanest most straightforward satellite instruction and installation I've ever performed. We used these instructions yet again yesterday for a production server, and it worked great.

Now examine this discussion at this link for the version prior to

Kirill Kashtanov, We are curious, what specific version of satellite were you using? Can you give a link to the instructions you were using? I recognize you had an issue, but bear with us, it would help to know what specific version you were using for RHEL Linux (recommend version 7.7, see previous paragraph discussion). It would help for this discussion to know which specific version and which set of instructions.

All of this said, the best place to get instructions resolved, is through a direct case with Red Hat. While this is the official Red Hat Discussion area, generally non-Red-Hatters such as I often post. Red Hatters do come through the discussion forums, but the for any instructions to get fixed is through a case with Red Hat.

Let us know, and thanks for posting here. The extra details will help those here examine what you're mentioning - that actually helps.



It was the only link I got when tried to leave a comment on the exact instruction you mentioned. That's how i got to this forum. But I used exactly the same instruction

However, it's still confusing based on KBs and bugreports whether it's required or not to enable/disable or install/remove goferd, katello-host-tools and katello-agent in the latest production, in situation when I have RHEL6 hosts in the environment and Satellite itself is 7.7+


For current Satellite versions (6.3 and later, I think?), the Satellite server is not itself a client of a satellite (that used to be a supported option, but it is not in current versions). So you should not need to enable the satellite-tools-6.x repository, nor should you need to install any of the client packages (goferd, etc.) that are not automatically installed by the Satellite 6 installer.

The presence of RHEL 6 clients shouldn't make any difference (we have RHEL 5, 6, 7, and 8 clients on our Satellite 6.5.2 server; they all need a "katello-agent" package, but the satellite itself does not).


I followed the instructions we posted pretty much verbatim and had zero issues. If required, open a case.

More folks can provide assistance, tomorrow