Information about Log Aggregation in OpenShift 4.1 Documentation

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What exactly means the following in the OpenShift 4.1 Documentation:

"The log aggregation solution in OpenShift Container Platform is not installed by default and cannot currently be deployed."

The link that shows that information is the following:


Good question, let's try to find out ;)

Hi! This is an error. You can deploy logging, and I'm going to update that page.

Thank you, Kathryn ! Good to know that Red Hat employees are "having an eye" on the community portal ... :)


It appears that users can move the cluster logging pods to new nodes using node selectors by editing the Cluster Logging Custom Resource. Like this:

      nodeCount: 3
      nodeSelector: <1>
        infra: "yes"

I am in the process of documenting this functionality and removing the note that caused your confusion. Thanks for pointing out the note. I was unaware that the user could (or would) move the nodes to a dedicated Infra node before now.