Missing AMQ Maintenance Schedule

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I'm looking for an "AMQ Maintenance schedule" like "Fuse Maintenance Schedule", but it doesn't exists or I can't find it. If exists, maybe it could be more accessible. Where can I get this information?

A download link directly from the product docs page it's interesanting. And of course, a link to the mutiple revisions of the products. e.g.: A problem that I found is: "How can I know what is the last revision of Fuse AMQ 6.3?"

I think these information is important and should be easily accessible.


Hi Andres,

Thank you for your inquiry. JBoss Fuse 6.x encompasses JBoss AMQ 6.x, so the release schedules are exactly the same. I believe you are referring to the following article: https://access.redhat.com/articles/2939351. In this case the JBoss AMQ 6.x release follows the exact same schedule as JBoss Fuse 6.x as they are based on the same release. In fact, JBoss Fuse 6.x includes all of the broker fixes. JBoss AMQ 6.x is subset of JBoss Fuse 6.x and offers a smaller footprint when only the broker is needed. We can try to make this more clear on the maintenance schedule.