1 instance of jboss - 2 ip addresses?

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We have a web application running on jboss-EAP 7. It has content which will be access by the public though and apache server and from internal users via firewall rules from the internal lan. There are 3 URLs associated with the application going to different parts - 2 URLs are for public areas (accessible through apache on the data IP) and the 3rd is only to be accessible from the LAN - though currently it too is accessible from apache and it needs to be changed to only accessible from the LAN on the JBoss though the Management IP.

It's been suggested to us that config for Jboss is global and that the config cannot be defined for each web app - so the only way to have the internal traffic connecting on the management IP is for a second instance of JBoss to be installed on the server.

Is it possible to have a single instance of Jboss configured so as to allow connections from both IP addresses?