Satellite Puppet Enterprise vs Ansible Tower subscription

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We plan to get all our server to Red Hat Satellite. (smart-management-add-on)
Right now we are paying for Puppet Enterprise.

2 question.
When we deploy RH Satellite there will not be need for addisinal Puppet Enterprise license any more because satellite have everything PE have?

Do we need to buy Ansible Tower if we wish to migrate from PE or this is included in RH Satellite ?

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Hi Stefan,

As far as I know that you don't need any additional Puppet license for Satellite management and related activities. Regarding 'Ansible Tower', I presume this is separate and not included in Satellite subscription. You may also refer this Satellite FAQs I hope this helps.

May I answer your question with a question? What's your use-case?

I ask because there is some overlap in the tools (Puppet Enterprise vs Satellite vs Ansible Tower).

While Satellite include both Ansible and Puppet capabilities, depending on your use-case you may want/need to augment them with Puppet Enterprise and/or Ansible Tower.


We use Puppet Enterprise for RHEL and AIX configuration (add users, set ntp, DNS, install some RPMs.. etc...) Nothing super special.

I am only seeing AIX as problem here ?