Adding debugging option to QDisk daemon

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We've added the following options to Qdisk logging configurations:

    <logging_daemon debug="on" logfile_priority="debug" name="qdiskd" syslog_priority="debug"/>

But, debugging statements for QDisk have not been logged yet at syslog (/var/log/messages) and /var/log/cluster/qdiskd.log files.

grep -ci 'qdisk' /var/log/messages
grep -ci 'Jan 0.*qdisk' /var/log/cluster/qdiskd.log

We observed after some time also. There was no impact.

As per Luci, qdisk logging configuration is as follows:

qdiskd Syslog Message Facility = "local4"
qdiskd Syslog Message Priority = "debug"

Please, mention what other configurations are required in order to get QDIsk debug statements logged at syslog files.

Thank You.