Migrated from WAS - JaxWS caching schemas issue

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We've migrated our application servers from IBM Websphere 7 to Jboss EAP 7 and I'm facing an issue that my google-fu has failed to find an answer to so I am hoping the community can help.

Our application uses JaxWS to call an external SOAP service. The schema for that SOAP service imports 13 other schemas. Whenever we call the service, we notice that jboss is requesting all the schema files on every call.

In websphere, the schemas are only requested once at startup. I'm not sure but I think it was Websphere's dynacache system that handled this? (from IBM's documentation "The servlet cache instance stores servlets, JSPs, Struts, Tiles, command objects and SOAP requests")

How do I enable that same behaviour in jboss? currently the downstream SOAP servers are getting flooded wit millions of schema requests a day.