RH318: Red Hat Virtualization - Video Coursework NOT Working

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Hello ROLE Team,

I just wanted to know whether is there any issue going on with
RH318: Red Hat Virtualization - Video Classroom?

I am not able to see the video coursework for this course.

When I click on "Video Classroom", it redirects me to "Platforms" page and displays a message - "This course is retired".

Please assist me with this issue.

Warm Regards,
Anand Jambhulkar


Hi Anand Jambhulkar,

Sorry you're having trouble with your lab videos. You might not be aware of this, your Red Hat Learning Subscription is a supported product. I recommend you submit a case with Red Hat. Community support may not be the best avenue to get your issue resolved.

  • Go to this link: https://access.redhat.com/support/cases/, which is at the top of this page too, named SUPPORT CASES.
  • In the Product drop down, select: Red Hat Online Learning (NOTE: You will need to scroll down through a list in the drop-down menu)
  • Important, in the Product Version drop down, select the largest number (as I type this, it is 1.0, but that may change over time) NOTE: the "Submit" button won't activate until this is selected.
  • In the Case Type drop down, select: Other
  • In the Problem Statement block, enter something concise, the course number, and a small description.
  • In the Case Description block, enter the specifics.

The other blocks are straightforward enough. When I've submitted a ticket for Red Hat Online Learning, I make it a low priority, it certainly is not production. One of the course administrators does on occasion check the forum, but you ought to submit a ticket for this issue since this is supported.

The Training Principal Product Manager also highly recommends submitting a case for this, as the experiences of one customer in resolution may not necessarily work with another (paraphrasing) see this link leads to his comments