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Hi all,
i've problem with RED HAT VIRTUALIZATION HOSTS deploying
i've download RHVH-4.2-20180622.0-RHVH-x86_64-dvd1.iso

i'm try to install it on IBM PureFlex and faced with network problem
during setup, no problem, set date ip password and etc, server has ping, but after finish of installation after reboot, network not working.

Please advice how can i resolve this problem.

Purpose of this is to know what is better and is RedHat virtualization could absolutely replace vmware esxi or not.

Thanks in Advance for your help


Probably because you did not set the network to work on boot. It seems to be a common thing to miss the dial you get during the installer. Anyhow, check the network interface config file "/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0" and make sure you have ONBOOT=yes replace eth0 with your whatever your interface name is.

Hi Amin, Thank u very much its works

Dear all, pls help me with 4th Step of installation ( Storage ) of Hosted Engine Deployment what should i choose and how fill gaps, if i'd like to use local disk of host ?

Red Hat Virtualization Host 4.2.5 (el7.5)

Thanks in Advance for your help

One of the essential aspects of the hosted engine is that it can run on more than one host. This requires storage that is accessible for all hypervisors that should be able to run the hosted engine.

Thanks for response Siem, There is IBM PureFlex , for beginning i'm trying to deploy on one host and i'm trying to use local disks of host, not storage disks via network. But unfortunately i can't configure host's local disks.

For the duration of your test you could run an NFS server on the hypervisor to export your local disk. Please do note that losing that single hypervisor will also effect your entire RHV setup.