Editing the group_vars/all.yml file.

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It's my first time deploying Ceph Storage and I'm not sure on how do I have to edit the group_vars/all.yml file.

I'm following the official Red Hat Installation and Deployment guide ( https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_ceph_storage/3/html/installation_guide_for_red_hat_enterprise_linux/deploying-red-hat-ceph-storage ).

If we check the guide, they gave this example:
ceph_origin: repository
ceph_repository: rhcs
ceph_repository_type: cdn
ceph_rhcs_version: 3
monitor_interface: eth0

But I'm not sure where I have to put these info. Should I delete all the other information and only use the commands in the example?
Or I have to look line per line and uncomment the required lines?

I hope anyone can guide me a little bit with this,
Thanks in advance.


I think I figured it out. I'm using the command "vim" to edit the file and "/" searching for the specific lines so I can uncomment it.