How to increase JBoss Fuse Resource Capacity

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Currently facing an issue of JBoss Fuse server capacity. Below are some of point's / requirements that im trying to achieve, Your expert opinions are required.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server v7.2 (Maipo)
CPU 8 cores
JBoss Fuse 6.3

350 plus TPS (need to achieve this)
There is an application running on JBoss Fuse, hosting a webservice, it take around 600-900ms to respond back, behind this service there are 3 third party system's.
Issue is some to request got 502 response code.
Java process CPU usage shots to around 450% when there is a huge traffic.
Over all CPU average usage is 40-50%
Over all Ram usage around 6-7gb
Haven't faced any kind to memory leakage exception.
Is there any kind to default HTTP connector thing in JBoss Fuse, which need to be increased or how can i optimize it, I didn't get any exception in my logs or should i consider to increase my server core's. (hardware sizing)

How to increase the allowable number of threads per process? How to increase the maximum number of threads created for a connector?

Also required any troubleshoot techniques