RDP not working at windows system

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Error message after trying to login from administration portal after console options is set remote desktop: "Remote desktop can't find the computer XXXXXXX, this means that this doesn't belong to the specified network"

So basically at virtual machine> Console options> Remote desktop> Console > This error message comes after opening the downloaded rdp file

On the other hand, while doing mstsc > system is found and after credentials are given and it tries to connect second error message is given.
"An authentication error has occured. THe function requested is not supported. "

Both error message are sent on attachments.

Please be noted: Previously the hypervisor was rhv 4.1 and just today upgraded into 4.2 and after upgradation this error message is coming while trying.


Disable NLA from VM Remote Desktop Configuration

I am facing the same issue/error on OpenShift Virtualization 2.4. I installed VirtIO drivers, guest agent etc. on VM. Enabled NodePort Service with VM. Enabled remote desktop, remote connections (on remote laptop and VM). Ran from power shell "Enable-NetFirewallRule -name RemoteDesktop-UserMode-In-TCP" on remote laptop. NAT is also enabled inside VM on OpenShift. NLA is also disabled. Please help.


Have you tried @clauido's hint?

if so you may wish to open a support case


Jan Gerrit Kootstra


Yes, NLA is disabled already. It would be great to receive any step/recommendation apart from what all I have already tried as mentioned. Thanks a ton in advance.