VM-Generation ID (vmgid) support in Red Hat Virtualization

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While it has been speculated that support for this feature has been present since RHV 7.4, I have yet to locate it in any of the documentation or through any mechanism in the software itself.

Does anybody have a solid answer as to whether or not vmgid is supported in RHV - and if so - how to verify its implementation?


Hi Guys, Any update on this?

I have a support case open with Red Hat regarding this feature. The support engineer essentially pointed me to this RFE, which is currently undergoing quality assurance testing prior to release. In short, vmgid support should be available in the not-to-distant future. I’ll keep this post updated as things unfold.

Hi Russell,

Do you expect this feature is RHEL or RHV?

RHEL 7.4 is the previous minor release of RHEL 7.

RHV current minor release is 4.2

Might this help your search?


Jan Gerrit Kootstra