Customer Portal : Misbehavior of the Community website

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Last week I reported an issue Customer Portal : Cannot access Preferences any more. Since a few days I experience a similar issue (regardless which web browser is used) - clicking the button COMMUNITY ACTIVITY used to open a website which showed recent and trending community posts - and now, when I click on COMMUNITY ACTIVITY, these entries are not shown any more and the header shows "Products & Services > Knowledgebase".

When I click on Discussions, the correct website "Community > Discussions" opens. Not that this is a severe problem, but I thought I should report it, because it might be a hint that something general is going wrong 'under the hood' that leads to an increasing inconsistency of the Customer Portal. Eventually someone from the responsible team sees this post and can investigate the issue. Here are some screenshots showing the misbehavior :

Customer Portal - Community Activity

Customer Portal - Knowledgebase

Customer Portal - Discussions