markup broken on the discussion board?

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I have an open discussion and tried to link a photo jpg image, but the image
doesn't show up in the post. Any clues please?

Link to the discussion post.

Here's the questionable code:

![PCIe error](

This help page here doesn't specify where or how
to upload a photo.

Apologies if this seems like a dumb question :)


The following image here is represented in the code below:


I don't see a clear method to upload photos either. I know at some point, (for security reasons, I suspect), Red Hat changed some of the markdown code that could be applied here in the forums.

I can't say definitively, however, I suspect what you identified here is an "undocumented feature" with the Customer Portal Discussion area. (side note, based on this link, it seems they call it markdown)


p.s. you can enter images if you are the original author of a given thread, in the original thread of a given discussion.

Thanks RJ.