RHEL Clustering High Availability for customized user applications

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Dear sir,

We are working on clustering in RHEL 7.1 for our module.

We have configured basic clustering set up for 2 nodes in RHEL 7.1 and following services:

  1. Virtual IP resource added using ocf:Heartbeat:IPAddr2 in-built service
  2. Apache web server resource added for website functioning when one node fails.

Our Module Description:
We have an module which consists one shell script which in-turn executes multiple binary executables to complete some task.

We have the following queries regarding our module to support in clustering:

  1. Whether RHEL 7.1 clustering will support for configuring customized user applications consists of binary executables??
  2. Is there any mechanism to detect and sending notification message to passive node when master node fails??
  3. How much time it will take to switch over and start executing in passive node when master node fails??
  4. How to make passive node as Master node when Master node fails due to network failure??
  5. How to detect and send notification message to passive node when one of the ethernet interface link goes donw/failure??
  6. How to detect when heartbeat fails between the services??
  7. We used Keepalived service for redundancy, but it is taking 3 seconds advertisement window time for switch over. Because of this delay we are losing 3 seconds data. So, is there any solution to minimize this loss using keeplaived service or using RHEL 7.1 clustering.

Support from RHEL Team:

  1. Please provide procedure to deploy/enable user applications in RHEL clustering in order to monitor the node failure and switch over to the other node.
  2. Please provide the procedure how to detect node failure and send notification to active node.

We request you to please clarify the above issues.

Please do the needful. Awaiting your reply...