Not able to start Container Development Environment from RH DevStudio

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to reproduce this hello world example:

If I uncheck "Pass credentials to environment" checkbox before initial startup (issuing Start the server action on Container Development Environment 3), I receive this at the end:

OpenShift server started.

The server is accessible via web console at:

You are logged in as:
User: developer

To login as administrator:
oc login -u system:admin

However, Container Development Environment is still in Stopped status in RH DevStudio, and OpenShift explorer tab doesn't appear. And I wasn't asked to accept the untrusted SSL certificate on the initial start up.
Then I guess in order to be able to use that connection for deployment, I need to pass those credentials. However, if I do that, I receive this:

err : exit status 1
output : Development units may only be used on hosted servers and with orgs that have active subscriptions.
Registering to:
The system has been registered with ID: some ID

Installed Product Current Status:
Product Name: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
Status: Not Subscribed

Unable to find available subscriptions for all your installed products.

In both cases, minishaft status shows:

C:\minishift status
Minishift: Running
Profile: minishift
OpenShift: Stopped
DiskUsage: ERR of


In both cases I run minishift stop before issuing Start the server, otherwise it reports "The 'minishift' VM is already running."

I opened the ticket with RH customer service, but I was hoping if I could get even faster help from you guys.
My account has Active Subscription, however no Active Contracts. We didn't purchase any subscriptions yet, but it shouldn't matter.

Did anyone encounter this already before? What am I supposed to do? Thank you in advance.