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I am trying to apply Erratas to Satellite node and getting some errors figured I would start here before submitting ticket
Error: Package: pulp-server- (@rhel-7-server-satellite-6.2-rpms)
Requires: python-pulp-common =
Removing: python-pulp-common- (@rhel-7-server-satellite-6.2-rpms)
python-pulp-common =
Updated By: python-pulp-common- (rhel-7-server-satellite-tools-6.2-rpms)
python-pulp-common =
Available: python-pulp-common- (rhel-7-server-satellite-tools-6.2-rpms)
python-pulp-common =
The Erratas I am trying to apply are
RHBA-2017:2804 Satellite Tools 6.2.12 bug fix update
RHBA-2017:2467 Satellite Tools 6.2.11 Async Release
RHBA-2017:1554 Satellite Tools 6.2.10 Async Bug Release

Any help appreciated.

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You need to have the appropriate Red Hat Satellite Capsule repository enabled and in your content view.

For my Satellite node I have the following repos enabled Red Hat Satellite Tools 6.2 (For RHEL 7 Server) (RPMs) Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server (RPMs) Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server - RH Common (RPMs) Per Chapter 7 here IT still does not post

Where you enable various repositories there should be a section named Red Hat Satellite Capsule. When you expand it there should be one called Red Hat Satellite Capsule 6.2 (for RHEL 7 Server) (RPMs). Enable it. It contains the package python-pulp-server which is where your updates are choking.

I am getting it setup now will keep you posted but never had it before during an other updates so not sure why it would be needing it now.

Hi James Adams,

Repository: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server - RH Common
should be disabled according to Red Hat support, both on Satellite server as on Satellite Capsules.

Applying errata for multiple sub-releases of RH Satellite or any product in one yum run is bad practice.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Check the login page of your Satellite server, and start to apply only errata for the sub-release published on their. Run satellite-installer --upgrade and apply the patches for the next sub-release. Be aware that customer settings of the Satellite server configuration files may to overwritten by puppet and need to be applied manually after the last run of satellite-installer.

WARNING: Only apply patching when neither Sync tasks nor Content View tasks are running. You do not want these task to stall.

Thank you for the help between removing subscription and adding the Satellite 6.2 repo after a couple try finally got it to go through correctly and all is up and running now on the latest of 6.2.15. Now just to figure out why I am missing puppet classes from the modules

That's a very good tip Jan

Quoting ir. Jan Gerrit Kootstra above...
 WARNING: Only apply patching when neither Sync tasks nor Content View tasks are running. You do not want these task to stall.

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