Manage licenses of another user account with my account

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A co-worker has red-hat licenses from our company, both of which we must use. Is there a way to manage it both as admin?
He sent me a link but this link makes me create a new user.


You should get a corporate-type account for your company instead. When you have a corporate RedHat account, the first owner of the account can create other users within the same corporate account, and assign them various permissions, up to and including full admin permissions.

If your co-worker's account is a personal-type account, you'll need to contact RedHat support for migrating the licenses to a new corporate account. See also: Is it possible to convert from personal to corporate RedHat account? In short, not really - you must re-register your system profiles to the new corporate account. It requires some work on your part, but in the long term, the advantages far outweigh the initial effort.

Good Morning, I am responsible for Software Compliance and Have access to our Corp Account in the portal. Are you aware of any RedHat Training for managing the Corporate Account Portal?