How to forcefully regenerate metadata for a particular repository

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Regarding solution 2038473 clicking on the specific repositories within the product, that does not display the URL noted such as the repo & product IDs.

The only way to obtain this information on Satellite 6.2.11 through hammer by listing all repositories first.

hammer repository list --organization-id 1

Then, grabbing the production id through a second hammer command.

hammer repository info --id 2166


hammer repository info --id 2166
ID:                 2166
Name:               Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Server Kickstart x86_64 6.9
Label:              Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux_6_Server_Kickstart_x86_64_6_9
Organization:       BBY_Platform
Red Hat Repository: yes
Content Type:       yum
Checksum Type:      sha256
Publish Via HTTP:   yes
Published At:
Relative Path:      Platform/Library/content/dist/rhel/server/6/6.9/x86_64/kickstart
Download Policy:    on_demand
    ID:   16
    Name: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
GPG Key:            

    Status:         Success
    Last Sync Date: about 22 hours
Created:            2017/10/26 15:48:04
Updated:            2017/10/26 15:54:48
Content Counts:     
    Packages:       3854
    Package Groups: 202
    Errata:         0

Can we get that solution updated? It is not allowing me to comment on it.


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