Docker CE or EE with the official RHEL 7

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Very confusing. Some say it is possible, but no one tells you how and where to find step by step how to do it.

Is it possible to use Docker CE or EE with the official RHEL 7 version? Can I use my developer subscription? How do I do?


Hi Robson,

See What is the difference between the docker, docker-latest, and the upstream packages?

In short, you can use your developer subscription to install and run Docker as provided by Red Hat (see Getting Docker in RHEL 7 for instructions).

You can also install either Docker EE (which you need to pay for to Docker, Inc.) or Docker CE if you chose, but there's no need to.

Docker provided by Redhat does not provide all the latest functionality such as using ARG before FROM which is why you would instead use Docker CE.