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Just installed 4.1.5 and completed successfully.

But failed to access https://:9090 as document suggested
do we need to install cockpit before accessing the website
do we need to enable remote login

if yes then
1. The order of complete configuring hypervisor host appears to be incorrect.
we may need to register the system first,
enables RPMS
install COckpit
then access https://:9090

Please advise



Ok here is what I observed. we may need to register hypervisor host first, enable rhel-7-server-rhvh-4-rpms

about cockpit, appears to be part of installation.

Once enable we can access https://:9090

Hi Arun, what problem are you seeing when you try to access Cockpit? It's installed and enabled by default as part of RHVH; I've always been able to install RHVH as documented, access Cockpit, and register the host from the Cockpit UI. (Admittedly, I've only installed 4.0 and upgraded to 4.1 - I might try a 4.1 install to see if it's changed).

When I've had trouble accessing Cockpit in the past, it's usually been a networking problem.

I just installed RHVH 4.1 using the 4.1.5 image, and networking wasn't enabled on boot, so I had to enable it first, which I don't recall having to do last time. After that, though, I was able to access Cockpit at https://HostIP:9090, and register the host from the Cockpit UI.