How to download rhel 3 ga

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How to download rhel 3 ga(kernel version is


Hi Luo,

ISO images for RHEL 3 are not available anymore, the oldest edition you can download is RHEL 4 :

But why would you want to do this ? Old versions are not supported anymore ... no security updates.
My recommendation is : better download and install the latest edition Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 !

Cheers :)

Dear Labisch Thanks a lot!Our os(RHEL 3) hung in "no more processes left in this runlevel" when it started,i want to rescue it

As Christian said, ISOs are not supplied anymore. Even under the employee account with every entitlement we don't see these available via the Customer Portal, we'd need to use an internal-only server to get such an ISO.

You could use the CentOS Vault to get EL3 going, it should do everything RHEL3 could and the support status will be the same:

Dear Bainbridge Thanks!

Dear Bainbridge Can I run "rpm -ivh initscripts-7.31.9.EL-1.centos.1.i386.rpm" in RHEL 3 32 bit?

You can, just be careful the CentOS package is an update to the RHEL package. You don't want to end up with two RPMs of the same thing installed.

Thanks a lot!Have you initscripts package for RHEL3 32bit?