RHT_COURSE not set in online labs

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I'm currently (for reasons of $doitall) on the RHCSA beginner course, course book chapter 9: Practice: Restricting SSH Logins.

This requires resetting your machines and firing up "lab ssh start" in the beginning. The latter then terminates with "Error: RHT_COUSE not set!"

Looking at where "lab" resides I could see in that script it refers to /etc/rht, and the variable indeed is initialized but not set to any value. Unfortunately, I have never looked into this while it was still working, so I have no idea what values would be expected here.

Finally, yesterday everything was working, so I encountered this a) only today b) when doing the SSH chapter.

It says "Please contact your instructor", and as $instructor is also not set in my brain's memory, I'm coming here :)

Any ideas what's going wrong here?
For details about my machines, application roles, ... feel free to PM me if you can offer help.



Issue seems to be solved now, a reset a few minutes ago now populated /etc/rht right.

FYI: every variable there needs to have a value as it is sourced by the "lab" command.


Generally, when I see issues with the lab scripts, it's because the 'classroom' system was not running in the environment. My recommendation is to use the 'Start Lab' button, or use the small modal that offers to start your machines for you when you join a class, to start the environment.

The other thing that occasionally happens is that the workstation or server machine boots before the classroom system. If this situation occurs on the very first boot of a fresh workstation or server, some of the post boot scripting (like setting the RHT_COURSE) doesn't happen because it relies on data being transferred from classroom. We've resolved this, generally obscure, issue in most of our classes, but the RHCE-Track based on RHEL7 is still on it's original design. We're working on a maintenance release of the material which will be published 'soon' and this issue will be resolved concurrent with that release.

I would recommend opening a support case if you have additional issues. If you set the Product field to "Red Hat Online Learning", the case will be directly routed to the Technical Support Engineers who are specialists in the training platform and environments.


Scott McBrien Principal Product Manager, Red Hat Online Training Red Hat Certified Architect, Level VI (100-000-264)

Hi, I have Error rht course not set Note that I have been using it for five minutes, what is the reason?