Networking guide - what is taught in CL210 is different from the guide

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Recently took CL210 for RHOSP 10 and throughout the class all the network commands were openstack commands. The networking guide shows equivalent commands but only the neutron versions. If the Red Hat training department is actively moving what they teach to openstack cli based commands shouldn't our guides reflect the same?

The main reason I noticed this was our guides were provided during the exam and didn't help because they did not match what was taught in class.


Hi Stephen, some of the openstack CLI network commands will require a certain version of python-openstackclient. For example, in my test lab, OSP10 still uses 'neutron router-gateway-set' while OSP11 uses 'openstack router set'. I've asked a SME for their view on this distinction in OSP10. Thanks!

Update: I've raised a docs bug to update the guide to use openstackclient, where appropriate. The revised draft has been completed, and is now under tech review with SMEs: