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I believe I've seen RHEL documentation recommend NIC teaming instead of NIC bonding. But does RHV-M support this? In the web-interface's "Setup Host xxx Networks" dialog, I don't see a way to define teaming.

I'm using full RHEL 7 servers as hypervisors, and I can probably easily define NIC teaming when setting up the hypervisor servers, but I'm afraid that I'll then have trouble with regards to RHV-M integration.


rhv only supports bonding

Yes just bonding supported on the hosts/hypervisors [1]

For rhv-m, this is a little different. For HostedEngine (ie, a VM within your RHEV environment), your virtual nic would utilize whatever the logical network is using. So if the hypervisor has the logical network configured over a bond, your VM (HostedEngine instance) would utilize that bond.

For a stand alone rhv-m instance, you could in theory using bonding or teaming.

[1] 6.5.6. Bonds

Marcus: So you confirm David's statement about NIC teaming not being supported på RHV, while classical NIC bonding is supported?

Correct - bonding is supported, teaming is not.

Marcus (or other informed Guru), what if Teaming is already setup on the Host Machine? My client presented me with Host machines with 4 etherNICs and 2 FC NICs, which I promptly Teamed into 2 "virtual" NICs (one for each type). Although RHEL is perfectly happy with this arrangement, RHV is apparently oblivious and lists each NIC as its own Interface. Does this imply that Teaming is active "outside of" (or "below", in the sense of a stack) RHV? In other words, is it "isolated" from network management within RHV? Note that I am using the "thin" RHV Host (not RHEL + RHV). In particular, if I were to Bond those Interfaces within RHV (using V-Manager), would that be implemented within RHEL on the Host, or only within RHV's "logical" network stack? Bottom Line: Must I blow away the Teaming config on RHEL in order to let RHV configure Bonding? Finally, I note that RHV Bonding uses mode 4 (802.3ad) by default. Does that mean that I wouldn't have to mess with the switches that are already supporting LACP for my Teaming protocol if I do switch to Bonding? Thanks in advance for your consideration and valuable feedback!

The issue is vdsm does not understand what teaming is ( despite this being a standard feature in RHEL7 :/ ) .

I have completed the installation of hyperviser. I need to create Nic bonds based on Mac address and then tag them with VLAN but I cannot find any instructions.