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I ran into the issue where we're behind a proxy and have selinux locking things down. We recieved the access denied error when we were expanding the Repository products:

Permission denied – connect(2) for “” port

To fix, I used the line from :

semanage port -a -t foreman_proxy_port_t -p tcp <http_proxy_port>

Since the semanage of ports was mentioned earlier in the document, this may be a big help to anybody else behind it who runs into the error to save them from having to hunt it down.


Hello, can you confirm which version of Satellite you are using?

Reading the Red Hat Bugzilla[1] attached to that solution, it appears this issue was solved in 6.1.0 by getting the installer to configure the settings. If I have misunderstood, or if anything is unclear, then we can raise a bug to get the guides improved.

Thank you

[1] Bug 1177377 - Satellite 6.1 does not work with http proxy due to SELinux denials

Version 6.2.8.

Just realized the error didn't render correctly in the original post. It should be (x's = IP, y's = port #):

Permission denied – connect(2) for “x.x.x.x” port yyyy

OK, Version 6.2.8., thank you, and are you using --katello-proxy-port= in your installation script? Reason for asking, I thought that option would also set the SELinux permissions. If you used that option and had the problem then I will ask the developers and open a new bug.

Thank you

The relevant section in the 6.2 Installation Guide is Configuring Satellite Server with HTTP Proxy.

Correct. Used --katello-proxy-port= immediately after --katello-proxy-url=.

Ok, thanks for the confirmation. I have opened this Red Hat Bugzilla Bug 1444361 - Satellite 6.2 does not work with http proxy due to SELinux denials.

Feel free to add yourself to the c.c. field if you want to follow it.