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I've been looking for an instruction how I can do offline upgrade of the Operating System, and I cannot find any. So the first question does it even possible to do such operation? For example in way like in regular RHEL Operating system by running another system with repository just set this system as a main packages provider and it works. So how to proceed this in Atomic Host?



RHEL Atomic Host uses OSTree, unlike regular RHEL which uses yum and packages. Upgrade on RHEL Atomic Host is done by preparing a new operating system root and making it the default for next boot.

You can create an Atomic Compose server that creates a local mirror of the upstream OSTree repository. Your offline server could be pointed to the static web server that is exporting the repo directory by changing /etc/ostree/remotes.d/redhat.conf

RHEL Atomic Host Upgrading to a New Version