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What is the roadmap for Ubernetes (Kubernetes Cluster Federation) in Openshift?
What is the level of support for this feature currently in Openshift Container Platform 3.3?


The current roadmap is available at https://ci.openshift.redhat.com/releases_overview.html if you look for 'federation' on that site you will find links to the Trello cards describing the progress in the upstream OpenShift Origin community. How that may or may not relate to the OpenShift Container Platform roadmap I can not tell but someone from product management may or may not be able to answer.

Originally the cluster federation feature was hinted to be released in Q4 2017. Now I was told that it certainly won't happen before mid-2018. RH product management - who might or might not respond - is being silent and the roadmap does not exist. All of that makes (at least some of) your customers quite unhappy, as we cannot sit and wait god knows hos long - we would be forced to choose alternative technologies. Yes, I am aware of ongoing architectural discussion upstream and do not blaim RH for that - but business cannot endlessly wait until FOSS community makes their mind, and RH who serves business customers, should do something to resolve it one way or the other, IMHO.