Satellite 5.5 and RHN Subscription not compatible with Openshift 3.2? Completely Blocked

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We are completely blocked trying to do an openshift build on Openshift Enterprise 3.2. All yum commands fail during the container build due to subscription issues. When I do a "subscription-manager register" it says I am registered with rhn classic. When I try "subscription-manager attach --auto" it spins for 3 minutes and says I am not registered. It appears I need another way to allow docker containers to run yum commands other than "subscription-manager attach --auto" due to our using Satellite 5.5 and rhn as opposed to rhsm. I went to the link: "". It says satellite users should be unaffected. I'm a little confused. Openshift Enterprise was sold to us as being compatible with our systems. We have been long time Redhat customers. It is not possible to upgrade Satellite at this time. Are we stuck and unable to use Openshift?