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Hi, Dear all,

i have now problem while installing a monitoring software (Open Monitoring Distribution) on RedHat 7.2 enterprise.
i got error messages that the following packages are needed:
fping, graphviz-gd, libmcrypt, perl-Net-SNMP, php-mbstring, xorg-x11-server-Xvfb, freeradius-utils.
I tried to use yum and such packages are not availale.

My first question:
Are there any reliable rpm quelle so that i can download them? Or can i just add some repos in Yum configuration?

My second question:
i tried to install the fping from source code through multiple steps (./configure, Make, Make install). I found that the fping is installed under /usr/local/sbin.
After that i found the monitoring software can not found that fpring is arelday installed. What can i possilbly do?

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First question - please follow the instructions at OMD's site for RHEL 7 here.

Second question - fping is a part of EPEL repo, check the FAQ here

Don't compile anything manually on distribution which uses package management unless necessary.


In addition to EPEL, which Zdenek already mentioned and which also contains libmcrypt and perl-Net-SNMP, you will need to make sure the Optional repository is enabled on your system. The Optional repository contains freeradius-utils, graphviz-gd, php-mbstring, and xorg-x11-server-Xvfb.