Setup Openstack with 2 physical NICs

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Hi Team,

I have been trying to setup RHOSP 8 on RHEL 7.2 for a while and I always hit the same roadblock, which is unable to access the Horizon dashboard or any instance from my external router. My first option was to follow the steps provided and connecting just using 1 nic for all the installation. 2 NICs on the undercloud and 1 NIC for controller and a compute node. When I follow the instructions, I can ping my controller, and instances from my external PC, but I cant ssh into the instances. The instances have internet access an all. I can even SSH from an instance into my PC that is on the external network. All traffic is going out from the undercloud but when sending back the responses, they get stuck with an internal ip in the director. I think the problem might be with the NAT but I have tried everything out there and cant connect. Thus my next option would be to use dual nics so that external traffic goes directly to the controller and maybe the problem is solved.

I have never created a heat template so I need some assistance with a example with 2 NICS on each bare metal system (2 on undercloud, 2 Controller, and 2 on Compute). NIC 1 would be the external network and NIC 2 would be the provisioning network. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. I have been trying this for a while and I am new to the networking concepts.