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I have a query. Is redhat licensing mandatory to use sssd services..? so, when my customer was trying to access the sssd logs, he's getting an error message mentioned below -
“In order for Subscription Manager to provide your system with updates, your system must be registered with the Customer Portal. Please enter your redhat login to ensure your system is up to date."

Can you please suggest me if any one have an idea why is this error message pooping up and he cannot see any log..??
As its not showing in all the redhat vm running in the portal. only for one rhel machine out there.. I'm trying to test the same environment. So, asked for a better solution.
Would be a kind help if someone can help..

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This is a really strange request, can you please clarify exactly what you're doing? Are you attempting to view logs in /var/log/sssd? How are you attempting to view these logs when you get the error?

Viewing the sssd logs and your Red Hat subscription are completely unrelated.