Evaluating RHEV getting error cannot register with any organizations

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Hi All,
Newly registered and downloaded RHEV, am not able to register the subscription-manager.
I get the following error:

Username cannot register with any organizations

I am not a paid customer yet, but evaluating for 30day period.



Hi Sumeet,
Can I have your login name please? I'll see if my colleague can do an account refresh for you.



Same issue. Account: thuchapon email: thuchapon.i@netpoleons.com

Hi Julie,

The user name is skarve01

Sumeet Karve

Hi Sumeet,
My colleague has just performed an account refresh for you. Please let me know if you still can't register your system after 24 hours.

Many thanks,

Hi , I got this error as well

Same for me on my developer account. Installed RH7 under VMWare today as/with my free developer account and keep on getting: Username cannot register with any organizations as well.

Same for me on my developer account.

Same here

Also experiencing this issue.

same problem for me. pls advise

Experimento el mismo error al querer registrar el producto

Hello Me too

Hello, I experience the same trouble ... can somebody help me ?

Same issue here. I have to say, I'm starting to really, really dislike RHEL because of this circus.

I'm getting the same thing - and it's hardly a good sign seeing how many others haven't received a response. Please close my account. I won't be evaluating your product any further.

Mine did clear up after a couple of hours; it seems as if it's a batch job that runs and updates on some schedule, not a real-time thing, when registering.

User : olivierlebel Same problem for me as well!

Hi everybody,

I strongly recommend to contact the Customer Service in such a case. :)
This is a community forum which cannot solve account related problems.
So, please avoid to provide anger and frustration - it doesn't help anyone.