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I am running different release of RHEL6. RHEL6.6 seems to have subscription-manager tools already installed, some of RHEL6.5 don't.
Where I can download the tool to register the Content Hosts to our Satellite server?
Also for RHEL5, where can I download the subscription-manager tool?

Thank you!


As long as your systems are now subscribed with RHN or have access to a local repo containing the missing packages, you can install subscription-manager on them and start using it. This applies to RHEL 6.1 and later, and RHEL 5.7 and later. More information is available at

That's great, but what if you don't have a system that was previously registered and you just need the RPM to install the subscription-manager?

Then you can download the appropriate Red Hat Enterprise Linux X.Y ISO image from the Customer Portal and take the subscription-manager package from the ISO, or download only the package from the Customer Portal, or -- assuming RHN client tools are installed -- register the system with RHN to get the subscription manager package and then switch from RHN to subscription management.

I have just recently gotten a server to maintain. It is currently RHEL 5.3. When I attempt rhn_register, it gives the error that it is deprecated, so it isn't subscribed. How do I add the system in my customer portal AND register the server to the subscription service?

You need to get subscription-manager installer. I would get a RHEL 5.7 or newer DVD, loop-back mount it, and then install the packages from there.

Afterwards you can register to the subscription service.

Can I do it by downloading the iso, or by downloading a single package?

great. Everyone is fighting with old versio0ns of subscription manager and not one solution for that. Nice to clean up the mess.

Marcus, did Radek's suggestion not work for you?

Pro-Tip: Kickstart repositories in Satellite 6 are available over HTTP without authentication, you can use these as a yum repository. Even if you aren't using Satellite 6 for provisioning, the kickstart repos are useful for getting a modern version of subscription-manager on the system prior to registering to Satellite 6.

katello-client-bootstrap 1.4, which will ship with Satellite 6.3 has a new option that allows you to install/update subscription-manager from an arbitrary repository prior to registration.

./ -s   \
  -o Example \
  -a ak_Reg_To_Dev_EL7 \
  -g 'RHEL7/BS-Dev'   \
  -L Philadelphia  \
  --deps-repository-url ""