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So.. I just downloaded the hyper-v image to give this a shot. I created the VM successfully and launched it and now.. I have no idea how to log in. I've checked all the documentation I can find and there is no default user/password for this. Since I can't modify the cloud-config, I can't add my own user.

Where do I go from here? Am I missing something?



Hi Todd,

The following describes the way it works with the Atomic Host images for KVM. I presume it is the same for Hyper-V.

The default user on Atomic Host images is cloud-user, and the password can be set using cloud-init. See Frequently Asked Questions about cloud-init. Basically, you create an ISO image with the configuration you need to pass to the VM and add the ISO as a CD-ROM to the VM before you boot it.

I agree that this isn't well documented -- I'll pass that on to my colleagues who maintain that documentation.

Hi Robert. I had a same problem.
I just downloaded hyper-v disk image file (.vhd) not ISO.
I think that .vhd image has already executed cloud-init by vhd maintener . So I want to know what user/password was configured.

Hi Kenya,

The default user for Hyper-V (as well as for images for other hypervisors) should be 'cloud-user', and the default password 'atomic' (provided it has already been set).

Thanks Robert,
I tried cloud-user/atomic , but I couldn't login.

Is that password same on all version of vhd ?
I am installing
SHA-256 Checksum: ee3797aca1adb7dd0929e096bc7705fabcc885c691bb35eb4890fbbd301dcd41

I understood. I must use cloud-init even if i use vhdfile.
I have succeded to login after using cloud-init.
Thanks a lot.

Good to know. Thanks for sharing, Kenya.

Using "rhel-atomic-hyperv-7.5.4-4.x86_64.vhd" I just boot using developer mode, change root password using passwd and reboot the vm.

After that I was good to go and log in as root.

Hyper-V VM creation:

It is possible to import Atomic .qcow2 image into RHV 4.1

Than create a VM using imported qcow2 image.

During a VM creation go to tab:

Initial Run -> Use Cloud-Init/Sysprep -> Authentication.

There you can specify user/pass.

As a result during the first boot VM has /dev/sr1 with next contents:

cat /mnt/1/openstack/latest/user_data 
  all: '>> /var/log/cloud-init-output.log'
password: '123'
disable_root: 0
- 'sed -i ''/^datasource_list: /d'' /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg; echo ''datasource_list:
  ["NoCloud", "ConfigDrive"]'' >> /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg'
ssh_pwauth: true
  expire: false
user: root