"Dynamic Routing" with Switchyard

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Been struggling again... tried the usual resources and I think my basic issue is translating 'base' camel into Switchyard implementations. Any suggestions? For example, trying to set a header inside a DRL; with base camel it should be:
$message.setHeader("routingSlip", "mock:queue:user_read");

But in Switchyard, the switchyard Header does not have that method signature... So, then I struggle with trying to implement that particular example into Switchyard.

All this to say this:
Trying to modify switchyard quickstart rules camel cbr to route 1 message to 1-n bean endpoints. Message with ID FF0000 to Red, etc, but then I need the case where, ID 010000 needs to go to Red and Green, then 02000 Green and Blue, etc....

Tried doing this with having a recipientList after Destination Bean DRL:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<routes xmlns="http://camel.apache.org/schema/spring">
<from uri="switchyard://RoutingService"/>
<to uri="switchyard://DestinationService"/>
<recipientList parallelProcessing="true" shareUnitOfWork="true">

This does seem to work:
16:38:44,505 INFO [org.switchyard.quickstarts.rules.camel.cbr.BlueServiceBean] Blue service processing boxed widget with id: 0100FF-DEF-456
16:38:44,505 INFO [org.switchyard.quickstarts.rules.camel.cbr.GreenServiceBean] Green service processing boxed widget with id: 0100FF-DEF-456

Just curious if anyone has a better implementation 'best-practice' for me??



Hi John,

I am pleased to see you are making progress with this. I admire the way you are proactive in your experiementation. I also look forward to seeing if anyone has other ideas.



You can try to utilize properties located on the SwitchYard message context. The CamelContextMapper will map properties from the context to Camel message headers.