Remote access to Redhat server via windows through the web

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I have a Redhat server behind a Cisco ASA 5520 firewall. I want to connect remotely via Windows.
Is this doable and what ports on the firewall do I need to open for remote connectivity?


I would recommend only using ipsec or openvpn for remote assistance due to security policies in your company and zero day exploits which can be used to attack your infrastructure.
If this is your internale network and theres no connection to the world outside (e.g. internet) you need 80, 443 and also 5900-6000 (vnc ports dynamically incrementing upon 5900 depending on how many vms you're running on your hypervisor(s).

Good stuff but other question. From the Windows client side can I use remote desktop to connect or do I need a third party also on the Redhat server what do I need running there. I want to remote to the server gui if that helps

Again thanks

Hello Dave,
sorry I just realized, that your question is focussed on Data Virtualization - and not Enterprise Virtualization.

You could implement vnc with encryption on the redhatserver to access the gui - on the windows client u need a vnc client and access permissions from the windows client to the redhat server via port 5900.

No problem one other question. Is VNC already on the RedHat server and I just need the windows client. Or do I need to install it on Redhat also.

Hi Dave,

Well, it depends how you created your redhat server. You can always check your package manager to check if you have it or not.

rpm -qa (package name)

If you do not have install the server package and for windows install client package.